The General Assembly 2022 – the first in presence meeting in Golm

On October 5 and 6, our General Assembly with members and guests of the Max Planck BioImaging Network took place at the MPI Golm. This year the meeting was held in person and in addition it was possible to join most of the presentations and the election of the Steering Committee online.

October 05, 2022

The meeting was opened by the scientific talks of the local facility leaders, Arun Sampathkumar (Light microscopy, MPI for molecular plant physiology) and Nadja Tarakina (MPI for Colloids and Interfaces), who offered a tour of their facilities.


Guests of the meeting were Dr. Christian Schmidt (NFDI4BioImage) and Dr. Yves Vincent Grossmann (MPDL), with whom we discussed research data management for bioimaging. Their presentations are available here on NextCloud.


After internal discussions on the process for large equipment application and recruitment of new staff, the working groups presented their reports about the past year and where MaxBI currently stands.
In the election of the Steering Group Committee Wiebke Möbius was confirmed as Spokesperson, Arun Sampathkumar as deputy spokesperson, Christian Kukat as financial officer, Jan Peychl and Stefan Volkery as associates.
A detailed overview of our exact organization with the complete Steering Committee can be found here. At this point a big thank you to all participants and congratulations to all elected Committee members.

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