COVID-19 Resources

Max Planck Bioimaging Core Unit Network (MaxBI) is pleased to share these Max Planck internal, governmental, or intergovernmental resources and materials. These resources are provided for informative purposes and might serve as a starting point to plan safe core operations. They do not supersede any governmental or institutional guidance.

Check your risk at work

"Check your risk" interview with Professor Jos Lelieveld and Dr. Kolbe

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We had an interview with Dr. Kolbe and Prof. Lelieveld about their "COVID19 Aerosol Transmission Risk Calculator". Please have a look and hopefully you may find information that helps you to reduce the risk at your facility. more

 "Check your risk" poster based on examples calculated with the risk calculator

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Based on the "COVID19 Aerosol Transmission Risk Calculator" we prepared some examples for typical situations in facilities and visualised them on a poster. more

 "Check your risk" supplementary information

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Check this PDF out if you want to have a closer look how the examples in the poster have been calculated more

Risk calculator provided by Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

Stay mentally healty

Other resources

The Max Planck Bioimaging Core Unit Network (MaxBI) is pleased to share these additional resources suggested by members.  Inclusion here does not represent MaxBI's recommendation or endorsement.

Disinfection procedures sorted by microscope manufacturer

Community guidelines & further information

Relevant publications

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