Our aims

Growing together to explore life

The primary aim of Max Planck BioImaging Core Unit Network is to support service groups and core facilities within the MPG in fulfilling their function as well as in improving their competence and performance.

 Thus, we have the following specific aims:

  • Facilitate access to imaging and cytometry infrastructures
  • Improve services for technology users
  • Join forces in data analysis and storage support for user-generated image and cytometry data
  • Promote high-quality standards for data acquisition, training and data management
  • Improve training for technology users, facility staff and technology experts
  • Coordinate our actions with other imaging and cytometry communities and networks
  • Provide spaces to exchange with our Coffee breaks
  • Increase the visibility of technology, science and innovation performed within the MPG or of high impact for the MPG
  • Promote careers of junior staff
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