MaxBI Technical Training @ Home

With the MaxBi Technical Training @ Home courses we started a web seminar series focussing on Image Analysis in January and February 2021, that was continued in Mai and June 2021. We are going to offer some new courses now in March 2022 and inform you about the details on our web page.

We manage the bookings of our courses via the portal of the Max Planck Academy of the Max Planck Society. We have been informed about some important changes regarding the booking process, as your booking needs to be confirmed by your supervisor. There are some important things you can do to be prepared and make sure your booking is accepted without any issues.

  1. Log in to the Max-Planck Academy and check in your account settings your email address and the and the correct assignment to your supervisor.
  2. Also ask your supervisor to check the email address provided in his/her account so that the request for confirmation arrives correctly.
  3. Inform your supervisor about the desired participation in the course and announce the booking so that the confirmation can be made quickly. Your booking is not effective until confirmed by the supervisor.

We will publish the next two courses within the next days.

Focus on Image Analysis

No events

MaxBi Tutorials

The MaxBi Tutorials are short sessions on image acquisition and processing  techniques as well as sharing experiences on maintenance organised by Max Planck facilities for Max Planck facilities.

As in the current situation no physical meetings are possible we are going to start an online version at the beginning of 2021.

MaxBi Tutorials:

Please visit us later for our next MaxBI Tutorials
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