Support for MaxBI members

December 15, 2022

MaxBI is committed to support its members who are facing new challenges in their facilities, want to further develop their skills, or just started their in position.

Support is available for job shadowing, visiting other facilities, and attending trainings or workshops. The support consists in the networking and identification of the most suitable hosting institutes, and in the refund of 50% of the costs up to 1000€.


To have access to this support, the applicant should

  1. Send a max 400 words proposal to Gabriele Malengo , Wiebke Möbius, or Christian Kukat explaining why the activity is relevant for you and how would MaxBI benefit from it. The steering committee will take and communicate a decision within few days.
  2. Afterwards, send a short report (text or video) on the event. This material will be published on the webpage
  3. Your institute sends an invoice to MaxBI to get 50% of the expenses refunded
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